Shifts biocompatibility

Optimize your shifts based on the human body



Shifts structure is a main responsibility in the generation of fatigue in drivers. Why? Drivers who don't have a proper sleep will feel more fatigued, increasing the risk of falling sleep behind the wheels.

Sadly in mining transport and in heavy-load operations, it is common finding chaotic shifts -irregular schedules, night trips and/or long-hour journeys, that directly impact quality and quantity of sleeping hours in drivers.


A positive change in your operation


Understanding the causes for fatigue is a great opportunity to decrease risk at an operational level. How important is the life of your drivers for you?

Know about risky operations

Using service hours information, Gauss Control calculates shift biocompatibility based on the physiology of the human body. This way you can determined which operations need a structural change.

Identify the group at risk

Understand how the biocompatibility index of an operation is composed according to each driver.

Tailored measures

Take appropriate measures to mitigate the risk in each of your drivers.

Fatigue is produced when chaotic shifts with irregular schedules, night shifts and long-time journeys exist.  

Resolve the problem from its origins