How does it work?

A.I. that saves lives





In Gauss Control we use million of data generated from driving to calculate the fatigue risk of drivers. Our software takes the available information from clients’ data sources, which processes and introduces in its Fatigue Model, developing that way a series of risk indicators along with a personalized mitigation plan.


It connects your GPS system or electronic field book from a distance. If you already count with other data sources such as drowsiness sensors, sleep wrist and/or a computer on board of equipment, you could calibrate even better the Fatigue Model. 

Diagnosis and Risk Analysis  

Learn about fatigue risk in your operation throughout the use of predictive models and define a baseline for analysis. .

See Fatigue Model 

Work Plan

Define your short and medium term goals. Design a management protocol and set risk mitigation personalized tasks.

Monitoring and Breakthroughs 

Implement and track your work plan implementation. Promote a continuous improvement to your risk indicators.

We solve the problem from its roots


Gauss Control is built out on a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) that seeks to help fight fatigue by taking on it in a strategic way. For this, it considers three safety areas, which are classified from most preventive to more reactive.

“We hand necessary tools to make intelligent and well-founded decisions when it comes to workers’ risks”

José Rafael Campino

CEO Gauss Control

Your drivers deserve high level safety standards.